Your content goes where you do

Experience a whole new world of high-speed internet wherever the road takes you. Enjoy entertainment including in-car apps, streaming, internet radio and a Wi-Fi hotspot.

With the Rogers network, you can enjoy hassle-free, high-speed internet in the car, without using your phone as a hotspot.


How does it work?

Our In-Car Data Service provides internet access for up to eight devices at once - smartphones, tablets, laptops or wearables.

Create your account today and choose from a range of data plans either online or from the comfort of your car.

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Effortless connectivity

As a national network, Rogers helps keep your Bentley online from coast-to-coast-to-coast. Keep your journey connected.

Is this service compatible with my car?

The Rogers In-Car Data Service is currently available on the following models:

  • Bentayga (21MY onwards)

Please contact your Bentley dealer for more information on your specific model.

To use our data service, simply register for a new account. You can then purchase data packages conveniently online.